JackRabbit Bean to Bar (NEW!)

What is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

The JackRabbit team purchase feves of chocolate made by other companies, we then melt them down until they’re liquid, then use the liquid chocolate to make our delicious creations like – bonbons, boozy truffles or bars. 

We have decided to go one step back and create chocolate feves ourselves from high quality imported chocolate nibs. We are able to flavour our chocolate with anything we please!! This is so exciting! Think of any flavour - got it - we can do it! 

We are always thinking of wild and crazy things we can do with chocolate and we are not stopping here! We believe in pushing the boundaries of what people believe chocolate can do or become.

We will not conform to the norm when it comes to chocolate and we will continue to use it as our art! Forever restoring the wonder of chocolate!