Ice Cream Social - On hold for now - Stay Home, Be Safe!

The best part of any weekend! 

Every Saturday JackRabbit Chocolate hosts a super cool, super casual Ice Cream Social - all this means is that your taste buds are in for an incredible treat!

There has never been a duplicate dessert and we aim to keep reinventing!

Limited stock each Saturday is available from 10am-2pm.

R55 per Ice-Cream Social Dessert


Past Flavour combinations

November 2018
4 November burnt butter ice cream with warm toasted banana bread, pecan brittle and hot caramel fudge sauce
22 November vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls, salted caramel sauce dipped into a dark chocolate rocher.
30 November Nutella soft serve ice cream in a chocolate coated sugar cone topped with brownies, candied almonds, brittle and torched house marshmallows

December 2018
8 December stracciatella ice cream sandwiched between 2 croissant waffles, coffee custard and chocolate sauce.
12 December Dark chocolate Brownie ice cream sandwiches- made with stracciatella ice cream, and salted caramel sauce- with the option to upgrade to basil caramel

17 January Chewy dark chocolate brownie filled with super creamy vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce, coffee custard and chocolate coated cocoa nibs
22 January dark chocolate ice cream macaron sandwiches with salted caramel sauce dipped into a dark chocolate rocher dip.
31 January birthday cake cookies from our aaaaamazing friends @the_counter sandwiching (its a word,legit) raspberry swirl ice cream from our other friends @whiskawayicecream dipped into @jackrabbit_chocolate and covered in sprinkles

9 February Death BY chocolate
22 February Double caramel ice cream in a chocolate lined sugar cone, topped with chocolate caramel sauce and honeycomb.

MARCH 2019
6 March fresh and ultra soft & fluffy Homemade doughnut stuffed with Lemon&Jasmin Ice Cream, Vanilla White Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Compote.
13 March Dark Chocolate & Shortbread Ice Cream with Stout Ganache, a lucky and gold dust.
20 March sour cherry and vanilla ice cream with a sour cherry compote, sprinkles, amaretto crumble and Turkish delight.
28 March Cinnamony banana bread waffle served with salted caramel ice cream, legendary burnt butter and honey ganache, topped with 2 little chocolate eggs.

APRIL 2019
1 April triple chocolate!
This Saturday we host our ICS with Fresh warm nutella crepes topped with triple chocolate mousse ice cream with house honeycomb crunch.
6 April warm fresh crepes made to order filled with #nutella, and topped with triple chocolate mousse ice cream.
9 April freshly baked warm #strawberry and #rhubarb #crumble topped with creamy earl grey #icecream.
16 April dragons breath
23 April 2 x crispy nutella spring rolls served with coconut custard ice cream.
30 April dark chocolate mousse ice cream topped with a chewy cinnamon caramel.

MAY 2019
9 May triple chocolate macaron ice cream sandwich. Dipped into a milk chocolate crunch dip.
16 May chocolate coated drip cone, filled with chocolate mud cake, ganache and topped with vanilla ice cream and a tiny jackrabbit mini slab.
20 May Mini Fudge Pecan Vanilla Custard Filled Cronuts served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
30 May freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookies lovingly sandwiching double peanut butter ice cream, dipped in silky dark chocolate- a personal favorite!

June 2019
7 June freshly baked orange and burnt butter Madelines, lemon meringue ice cream topped with salted caramel sauce, dusted with icing sugar.
11 June frozen s'mores- chocolate ice cream, crunch, vanilla marshmallow on an oak smoked bamboo skewer
19 June malva pudding Madeleines. Warm malva pudding Madelines baked to order served with UltraMel ice cream.

JULY 2019
6 July colorful and warm nutella crepes served with dark chocolate cookies and cream ice cream
11 July coffee and chocolate cannolli lined with dark chocolate, stuffed with orange mascarpone ice cream with chewy clemengold bits.
17 July This weekends ice cream social- brown sugar and banana ice cream sandwiched in between 2 chocolate waffles
24 July chocolate crepes (that's right) filled with nutella, topped with fresh strawberries and a mixed berry ice cream.

1 August triple chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone filled with homemade nougat and fudge bits coated in chocolate
9 August ultra creamy coconut and caramel ice cream with crunchy cashews.
14 August fresh and warm spiced vanilla waffles made to order topped with triple chocolate nougat ice cream and burnt butter and honey sauce
22 August freshly baked to order peanut butter and mixed chocolate chip cookies sandwiching (is that a word?) @whiskawayicecream milk and honey ice cream, with some chocolate sauce
30 August White peach and passion frui ice cream, white peach pate de fruit bits, vanilla syrup and tiny edible flowers

6 September triple chocolate ice cream sandwiched (that's a word for realz) between pastry waffles (trust us) topped with a chocolate caramel sauce
20 September Our take on peppermint tart - salted caramel and triple chocolate ice cream, salted caramel chocolate and peppermint crisp bits for topping
25 September Vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate custard and hazelnut cremoux in a little profiterole.

4 October chocolate pavlova, honey nougat ice cream, passion fruit curd and crispy malt balls
17 October caramel and macadamia ice cream, birthday cake ice cream- too many sprinkles and crunchy malt balls.

1 November mint chocolate chip sandwiched between 2 chewy salted caramel blondies- made with nutty wheat flour
8 November burnt butter ice cream with maple caramel swirl in a pancake topped with crunchy malt balls and chocolate rocher
14 November eggnog, with eggnog ice cream in a chocolate lined cookie cup.
22 November gingerbread ice cream dipped in milk chocolate and topped with fancy sprinkles.
29 November Treat ice cream with gingerbread brownies - topped with crunchy malt balls and chocolate antlers

13 December eggnogg ice cream between choc chip brownie batter waffles.
20 December Frozen hot chocolate ice cream topped with brownies, salted caramel sauce and a dehydrated orange slice
11 - Dulchey Ice cream with Dark chocolate mousse, and brownie
18 - White chocolate ice cream with pavlova, blueberry & prosecco jam
25 - peanut butter ice cream with dark chocolate sauce, honeycomb
1 - Milk Tart ice cream, cookies and cinnamon sauce
8 - strawberry ice cream, meringue, fresh strawberries, dark chocolate sauce
15 - Red Hot Velvet : red velvet cake batter ice cream with cream cheese ganache topping.
29 - apple crumble sunday- vanilla ice cream, warm apple crumble 
MARCH 2020
7 - milk chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate and butterscotch sauce
14 - dark chocolate mocha - coffee ice cream with white chocolate mousse, brittle and whipped cream.
21 - smoked vanilla ice cream, cookies, torched mallow fluff
28 -tropical - coconut ice cream, pineapple and vanilla jam, milk chocolate and feulietine crunch.