The Team

The Chocolatiers

Stephanie, Christi and Lara = The Bermuda triangle of chocolatiers. Together we are a formidable team.

Stephanie's baking started early in life, cracking eggs into mud and receiving a suitable spanking for it. But this didn't stop her (clearly). She wouldn't be bound by the pragmatic advice to "just focus on your job and stop worrying about cookies". So, slowly - from the world in her head and on the internet - self-taught an amazing array of skills. She also linked up with creative bakers and confectioners in South Africa and offered her labours, in order to learn from them.

Then she decided to take it another step -further. Today she is a qualified Professional Chocolatier creating Artisanal Chocolates and confections.
Her dedication and creativity finds its channel in bringing her customers delightful alternatives-to- the-ordinary to amaze their senses. Internationally recognized as one of South Africa's best chocolatiers. 

Christi aka “the chocolate machine” began her food journey officially in in 2014 - but unofficially at the age of 7. Her penchant for filling holiday cookie tins as a child soon developed into a full blown chocolate and dessert obsession.

As a child she dreamed of owning her own shop where one could sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee and nibble on hand made chocolates while trying on shoes!

While her fascination with shoes faded as she got older, her love of chocolate continued to develop and after a few odd jobs along her chosen path through the world of confectionery, along with many late nights spent decorating cakes, she landed her dream job as a rabbit on the Jack Rabbit team.

Christi now lives her life exploring the wonder of chocolate through pairings, tastings and imaginative experimentation, pushing the boundaries of traditional confectionery and infusing her love of chocolate with some of her other favourite vices - coffee and craft gin!

Lara is by far our most sarcastic and clumsy member of team JackRabbit. But she makes up for her all-around awkwardness with her creativity and dedication to her chocolate creations. At the ripe old age of 5, Lara began her culinary journey by choosing to bake with Mom over playing outside. As an introvert, she enjoys using her food rather than words to express herself.

Although she hasn't been in the culinary game for very long, Lara has already specialized in all things chocolate and confection. She is the marshmallow master and caramel conqueror. Our youngest bunny spends most of her free time reading books, being a coffee snob or thinking up all kinds of incr *edible* inventions. Unfortunately, she also has an irrepressible love of bad puns. 


The professional Chocolate tester (she basically just eats our stock)

Stephanie 2.0
By joining Jack Rabbit team (the second) Stephanie has landed her a** in literal cocao butter and she couldn’t be happier. It’s as if all her previous positions in other companies have been leading up to an opportunity like this. Who wouldn’t want to work with Chocolate surrounding them all day!

Being from a Greek family where food is life and having grown up with baked traditional goods at her fingertips, Stephanie definitely knows her way around a kitchen. She can be described as an amateur baker and experimental home cook who loves entertaining guests and organising dinners to treat her friends! 

Stephanie has lived in Pretoria her whole life and is so eager to show the world the magic that Jack Rabbit can create. She will be in awe of her colleagues talents in the Jack Rabbit Kitchen and assisting them in sharing their creations with everyone! 




 International Chocolate Awards

In 2017, won Gold in the European Open Category of the International Chocolate Awards held in Budapest, and subsequently a Silver in the World Finals of the international chocolate awards hosted in London. 

Valrhona Chocolate Chef Competition (C3) 2018

After making the selection for the semi finals of the international Chocolate Chef Competition, we represented South Africa in Paris against 5 formidable opponents. Placing top 3, we learnt so much about the industry and competition participation. 

Savour International Pâtissier of the Year Competition 2018

It was an absolute honor to represent South Africa at the International Competition held in Sydney. Although not everything went according to plan, we were happy with our placing in top 20 from the 31 internationally selected Pastry chefs from all over the world.