The Team

Steph and Christelle have their mom's baking and attention's to thank for much of the exposure as children to amazing tastes which opened their minds to some of the possibilities. Unencumbered with this early aversion to interesting tastes - they've gone on to sample delights locally and across the globe and fawn over other's instagram and youtube contributions in the modern age of knowledge-sharing. 

Stephanie's baking started early in life, cracking eggs into mud and receiving a suitable spanking for it. But this didn't stop her (clearly). She wouldn't be bound by the pragmatic advice to "just focus on your job and stop worrying about cookies". So, slowly - from the world in her head and on the internet - self-taught an amazing array of skills. She also linked up with creative bakers and confectioners in South Africa and offered her labours, in order to learn from them.

Then she decided to take it another step -further. Today she is a qualified Professional Chocolatier creating Artisanal Chocolates and confections.
Her dedication and creativity finds its channel in bringing her customers delightful alternatives-to- the-ordinary to amaze their senses.

Christelle is a chocolate enthusiast/snob, foodie, loving sister and a bean-counter. Whilst Christelle has a chocolate addiction that could out-nibble most, she has been so spoiled by Stephanie's work that she assesses chocolate in the shops critically and finds them mostly to be inferior products. She's been ruined and now and has to go back to Stephanie to get a hit of the best stuff. Christelle truly is a cocao bean-counter, and employs her knowledge in her free-time to helping Stephanie exercise fiscal restraint. She's also slowly getting there as the chocolate shop assistant - this one has much to learn.


We recently won Gold in the European Open Category of the International Chocolate awards, and a Silver in the World Finals of the international chocolate awards hosted in London.