A Jack Rabbit Christmas Carol

In Miss Jack Rabbit's forest it's that time of year
When gifts and delightful surprises appear
Owl, Bear and Fox are hanging up socks
Soon to be stuffed with bright Christmas cheer.
A drop of honey, some chocolaty bark
A pocket of starlight that shimmer and spark
Bonbons complete with centers so sweet
And trees made of chocolate, milk, white and dark.
But mean Mr Crow won't join in the fun
He wants to spoil Christmas for everyone
'With a bucket of coal,' he says to his soul,
'I'll show them just how things ought to be done.
'A partner in crime is what I need
A rascally creature to help me succeed
If Jack-a-lope's tricks gets into the mix
A miserable Christmas is quite guaranteed!'
'Now how would you like a bit of a joke?'
He asks Jack-a-lope in a soft croak.
'On that Miss Jack Rabbit and her Christmassy habit
And all these cheery foresty folk?'
'I happen to know a good trick or two,' 
Says Jack-a-lope. 'What should I do?
Exploding gifts? Hit them with sticks?
Fill their socks with smelly green goo?'
'We switch their gifts with coal. Here, like so....
I've a bucket full,' says cold Mr Crow
They'll be so upset, if that's all they get!
That'll be the end of their jolly ho-ho!'
So cookies and mallows and chocolate bark clumps
Are all exchanged for sooty black lumps
And Mr Crow cackles in his glossy black hackles
Believing this Christmas he's come up trumps.
But on Christmas eve Jack-a-lope says to himself
'I've been playing the part of Crow's evil elf!
Those treats I nicked and people I tricked
I think now I feel ashamed of myself.'
So with his bag of sweets he returns to the socks
And once again switches treats with sooty black rocks
And with a hop and cheer he cries 'Christmas is here!
And its mean Mr Crow who's in for some shocks!'